Monday, September 29, 2008

Knitting news

So I started Baby Cables and Big ones Too a little while ago - right when the pattern was published. I've done the body and started on one arm but I must finish this. I keep looking at it and realising I need to be able to have time to concentrate on this. It has been a crazy few weeks and the panic attacks don't help with my finishing things off. My head is still fuzzy and I'm all over the place in terms of where my head is at. Here it is so far - so close but so far away:

I needed something simple. I was also working on the Waterfall Lace Scarf from Katinka Knits which is an easy and straight forward knit. I was using Posh Yarn for this and it turned out very well - I hope you agree! It needs blocking (as does the Chevron scarf) but I've no room to block right now. We are getting furniture delivered so the room I'd use for blocking is full of the stuff from the lounge while it gets decorated etc.

After I finished Waterfall I found this charming little pattern for Flower Scarf by Robyn Diliberto (look for it on Ravelry) . It was a very quick knit using Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in Jacaranda colourway. Unfortunately I sewed the flower and the button on the opposite sides (grr) but it still looks ok and is very comfy! I'm making another one also in Chameleon Colorworks Evolution but this time in Peacock colourway.

I've also dusted off my spinning wheel and have been practicing spinning. I'm a long way from being good at it but I'm going to keep on practicing till I get better. Then I'll take on Diane Mulhollands "Amy" hat from her spin 1 class.


Susan said...

Very nice post and pictures. I love cables. I have only used them on adult patterns, but the scarf that you pictured made in a beautiful baby yarn would be perfect as a baby knit blanket! I love it. Thanks for this post. P.S. you may have noticed my blog. Baby knitting patterns are my thing, always looking to convert adult patterns. thanks

Mully Nex said...

Hi Susan!

If I had babies to knit for I would!! Unfortunately I don't know anyone with them and I've not had any myself!! I can totally see the scarf turning into a baby blanket and it would be gorgeous for that. The pattern is so simple and elegant it would work well.

I can also imagine a baby version of baby cables sweater, and a baby version of the little flower scarf would work very well too!

If you do convert them let me know, would love to see the finished result :)