Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something Nice

To rise up from the shit storm of last week, today I received a message from Karen she of Karatstix fame to tell me that my custom order was ready.

Check this out. Cuteness of cuteness - I requested a set with my kitty Missy on, and paw prints because she is naughty and puts paw prints all over. She plays with my yarn while I knit and I often wrestle with her to stop her eating it all! So she seemed like a perfect theme for my Karatstix.

Super cute eh?

Another nice thing this week? Sunday was super spin class 2. It was, of course, awesome. Diane gave us different fibers to play with including some super soft alpaca. We worked on flick carding, full carding, spinning with the wheel and of course our spindles.

So thank you again Diane and Alice for the fantastic Superspin Class. I can highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn about spinning.

There will be an advanced class in November, I think I shall be going to that!

Again it was hosted at Alice's home, but she hinted that the next time it might be housed in her own shop! How exciting. From little things big things grow, and Alice has certainly created something very gorgeous in Socktopus. I'm SO glad I was there for the launch =D


missmalice said...

am glad you were there too!! :)

jen said...

I have no idea what the stuff in the picture is, but it is absurdly cutsie and I want it despite not needing it!

Mully Nex said...

*grin* Jen they are knitters tools =D Needle sizers, tension square measures and a Kitchener Stitch reminder ;) Actually it doesn't matter what they are - they are just cute and will be in my hands in about 10 days time with International post!!

Carie said...

They are really really cute - I love the litte paw prints going round