Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It has been tooooo long since I last posted. I keep thinking "Ok I'll make a post this weekend" then the weekend comes and before I blink, it is over.

So a quick post with a very fast round up of what I've been doing:

December: 6th December saw me head up to Kircudbright (pronounced Cur-Coo-Brie) in Scotland for a knitting weekend. My boss lives up there, and his wife was doing Christmas knitting. He invited me at the last minute to take a trip up and spend a weekend just knitting.

It was pure luxury. My boss brought me tea in bed every morning (he never makes tea in the office so it was quite a shock!), he did all the cooking (I didn't know he could even cook) and at around 3pm every day he brought his wife and I a nice glass of Baileys Irish Cream followed by wine and anything else we wanted.

It was very indulgant! You can see pics from my trip here on my flickr page.

January: I went to the Midem music conference in Cannes with work, this was quite good fun but not as fun as previous years. Clearly the recession was biting hard and the numbers of delegates was vastly down.

Also in January was Parcel one of the Socktopus Sock Club 2009. Beautiful yarn from Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in colours that looked just like Bagpuss! The socks were unianimously named "Bagpuss" socks by members of the club.

Here are my Om Shanti Bed socks aka Bagpusses:

February: Was my birthday month. Very early on we had a Snow Day, which brought the UK to a complete standstill. Totally silly but lots of fun and you can see the pictures from Snow Day on my flicker

Another good thing in February was the start of the second series (or season as they now seem to be called) of Damages. Oh my I LOVE LOVE LOVE this programme. Glenn Close, lots of intrigue and as the box for season 1 says "The sopranos with a law degree" - I am avidly watching it and we are now halfway through season 2. It is gripping!

I decided during this month to complete the socks that were not to be and give them to my brother for his birthday coming up in March.

He was due to be in court the day after his birthday for the final court hearing on the division of his marital assets. Clearly he was stressed and I figured, you know, nice bamboo yarn socks, some foot soak and a card wishing him well might make things even a teeny tiny bit better. This was not to be.

He decided to throw the present, still wrapped, somewhere and he couldn't remember where he'd put it. He said he would celebrate his birthday on the 13th (the day after the judgement hearing) with his girlfriend on her birthday.

Fair enough. I had hoped that the socks and the foot soak would act as an olive branch after the nastiness last year. I figured I would wait till after his girlfriends birthday and maybe ask him again about them.

The day came and went, he popped over with his girlfriend a week later. He thanked me for the socks, and my mum asked him if they fit. He said "I dunno I've not tried them on" - 18 months ago he would have put them on straight away. I guess the olive branch failed.

In fact I know it failed because I am still cold shouldered and uninvited to everything while my mother is bullied into going to things she really doesn't want to go to. She said no to something for this weekend, was told "don't be silly, you can come along and bring your hearing aids and meet my girlfriends father" - she really doesn't want to go. So last night, he brought the big guns in and knowing she would not say not to his girlfriend (a stranger and mum wouldn't be impolite to a stranger) got her to ask mum. Mum said yes. When I asked mum if she had managed to tell them she didn't want to go she told me she couldn't say no even though she desperately wanted to.

It annoys me how mum is bullied and he doesn't see it as bullying.

March: Cookie A is in the UK! Oh yes the wonderful Cookie A came for a visit to Socktopus and did a fabulous workshop on sock design. It was an amazing day, you can see the pictures from the day here on my flickr.

I can't wait to get my hands on Cookie's Book - I preordered from the lovely Alice at Socktopus and will pick it and my second Sock Club parcel up on Sunday.

In light of doing the workshop, I'd been reading on Ravelry about some people doing a City & Guilds in Textile Design in Hand Knitting. I had been interested in this but underconfident. A week after the Cookie workshop, and progressing nicely on my own sock design (Pudding Lane Socks - named after the place the Great Fire Of London started because the socks are covered in flames licking your legs!)

I was pointed in the direction of a fabulous tutor called Loraine McClean of Knit Design Online - I had some email correspondence with Loraine and very quickly made my mind up to do Level 3. I signed up, and my education into knitting design will begin at the end of this week.

Another thing with March, the clocks went back. Oh my word how lovely it is to get home from work when it is still light outside! Yippee Spring has finally Sprung.

And finally, today I got confirmation that I'm in the Woolgirl Wizard Of Oz Sock Club. I love the Wizard of Oz, so this sock club grabbed my by the throat and screamed "Join my pretty, Joiiiiiinnnn" but I was a bit late in signing up. I was sure I wouldn't get in but today the lovely email arrived to say I was in! Yippee!

OK thats my catch up and once again I pledge to be more up to date with the blogging.

I figure short posts more often is probably the way to go. I don't want to hit you with huge walls of text too often!

- M


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Angelia said...

Wow, Mulene, you have been busy!

I am so very jealous that you got to meet Cookie and participate in one of her workshops. But yay for you!

Your post here reminds me that I need to post on my very sad and lonely blog. I haven't posted in so long that I don't even remember when the last post is dated. Pretty sad!

I'm happy, though, that all seems right in your corner of the world!